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Become a Speaker

Are you passionate about the artistry behind wood flowers?

Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with fellow wood floral enthusiasts and business owners?

Add yourself to a growing list of inspirational wood flower industry leaders who have shared their knowledge, passion, and ideas at the Wood Flower Florist Conference where your expertise can truly blossom during an experience past presenters and attendees have described as an exhilarating blend of education, pure fun, and empowerment.

Speaker Benefits

In addition to the excitement of attending the conference as a speaker, each presenter receives:

What is it like being a presenter?
"What's truly special about this conference is the opportunity to empower others. As a speaker, I had the chance to inspire and motivate fellow wood flower enthusiasts to pursue their passion and goals."
"Knowing that I was able to share my knowledge and passion with such a supportive and engaged audience was truly rewarding."
​"The warmth and support I received from both the organizers and attendees were amazing. It felt like being part of a close-knit family who genuinely cared about each other's success."
Speaking Opportunites

1 / Hands-On Session

Hands-on workshops are immersive sessions where speakers lead attendees through practical, interactive activities related to wood flower floristry and/or small business ownership. Participants get the chance to learn by doing under the guidance of an instructor. These workshops offer a tactile and experiential learning opportunity.

2 / Breakout Session

Breakout sessions are focused presentations or discussions within smaller groups. They provide a platform for in-depth exploration of specific topics. 

3 / Spotlight Speaker

Spotlight speakers are featured presenters who take center stage during key moments of the conference. They share their expertise, insights, and experiences with the entire conference audience. Spotlight speakers offer valuable perspectives and inspiration to all attendees.

4 / Panel Discussion

Panel discussions bring together a group of speakers to engage in a dynamic conversation about various aspects of wood flower floristry. Panelists offer diverse viewpoints and engage in interactive discussions on topics of significance to the community. These sessions encourage open dialogue and the exchange of multiple perspectives.

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