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Wood Flower Florists is more than just a conference – we are a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of floristry with sola wood flowers. Our community is committed to connecting professionals in the wood flower industry, both in person and virtually.


The electric excitement of wood flower florists meeting in person is unparalleled. After countless virtual interactions through Facebook groups, messages, and video chats, the experience of finally coming together face-to-face sparks an extraordinary energy. The digital connections that have been fostered over time become tangible as warm hugs, genuine smiles, and shared laughter. The camaraderie that has been nurtured online is magnified in the real world, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion. As wood flower enthusiasts gather, creativity blooms in every corner, and the air is filled with an undeniable sense of belonging. The exchanges of ideas, the admiration of each other's artistry, and the shared journey create a symphony of inspiration that resonates long after the meeting has ended. The electric charge of these in-person gatherings ignites a fire of camaraderie that continues to fuel the Wood Flower Florists community's vibrant spirit.

Image by DJ Johnson

Mark your Calendar

3rd Annual
Wood Flower Florists
Conference & Retreat

May 17 - 19, 2024
Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square
Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Overview


Workshop Day

Hands-On Sessions

to up-level techniques, skills, and designs on the creative side of wood flower floristry.


Conference Day

Informational Sessions

to inspire and elevate the processes and systems behind building a wood flower business.


Retreat Day

Personal Reflection Time & Fun

to step into your power as a business owner and connect with other attendees 

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